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Once Upon a Time
by Carl Parnell 
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Once upon a time, America was the number one Christian nation in the world. In fact, at that time, over eighty percent of Americans claimed to believe in a Christian religious creed. Ultimately, the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ became the central focus of most Americans. As a result, prior to the early 1960s, most Americans accepted and lived their lives according to the tenets of the Christian faith. However, from the late 1960s to the present, many Americans have rebelled against God and His Only Begotten Son. Then, to fill the void in their lives, they have turned to the faith of secular humanism. According to Steve Hall of Abiding Joy. Com, “Secular humanism is a religion and a philosophy of life which views man as the supreme being of the universe. It rejects the existence of God and the supernatural. It sees moral values as relative and changing and varying from person to person.” Therefore, many Americans have sold their soul to the devil and have accepted a religion that puts man’s reason as a replacement for God’s divine authority and supernatural power. Of course, the eventual outcome of men placing themselves on a higher level than God is the current spiritual, economic, educational, and societal destruction of the nation that was once upon a time the greatest, most respected, most powerful, and most prosperous nation in the world.

Ultimately, how does Christianity prior to the early 1960s compare to secular humanism from the late 1960s to the present? This comparison must center on the different points of view taken by Christians and secular humanists toward the major topics of Christendom. The first topic of Christendom deals with how these two religions view God. Christians view God as the highest entity that exists. As a result, God is perfect in wisdom, power, might, and love. Also, since God created all mankind, He should be revered and worshipped. In fact, this is the reason Christians love Him so much because He showed His unconditional love by sending His Son to die for those who have sinned and rebelled against Him. However, secular humanists do not view God as the highest entity, since they do not believe that He even exists. Instead, they view mankind as the highest entity, since they believe that “man is the measure of all things.”

Therefore, since secular humanists view the concept of a living, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present God with disdain, how would they use the name of God and His Only Begotten son Jesus Christ in comparison to Christians? Secular humanists give no importance to God and Jesus’ name. As far as God’s name is concerned, they use it as a byword: it means absolutely nothing to a secular humanist. As far as Jesus Christ’s name, if He existed at all, He would only be a mortal man, not deity from Heaven. To them, He lived, He died, and He is no more. However, Christians view God from a different perspective. They pay homage, reverence, and respect to the creator of the universe and His Holy Son. But, why do Christians view God and Jesus Christ with such a high regard? Christians view God and Jesus Christ with a high regard because of what they did for all mankind. God sent His only begotten Son to earth on a mission to say lost mankind. Of course, it was Jesus Christ who actually came in the flesh. He was born of the Virgin Mary and He lived a sinless and blameless life while He was on the earth. But, more importantly, Jesus Christ died on the Cross of Calvary as a sacrifice for the sins of lost humanity so that all men would have the opportunity to escape Hell and live eternally with the Lord God Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit in Heaven.

Inevitably, the Christians of the first sixty years of the twentieth century had a distinct opinion of the Bible that is much different than the religion of secular humanism today. Christians believe without any doubt that the Bible is God’s Holy Word given to mankind as a roadmap that will guide redeemed men and women to Heaven. Hence, the Holy Scriptures are reverenced by true Christians. Therefore, it should be read regularly in order for Christians to continually follow the strait and narrow road to Heaven, as recorded in Matthew 7:14. However, modern day secular humanists have a totally different opinion of the Holy Bible. They see no importance in reading the Holy Scriptures, which have been ordained of God the Father. In fact, they do not accept the Bible as the Word of God. They just maintain that the Bible was written by earthly men who used it to make themselves appear to be better than other people who do not read it. But, even though secular humanists believe that Christians are hateful, intolerant, self-centered people, Christians just believe the anointed Word of God that His apostles wrote in John 14:6, which clearly states that there is only one way to Heaven and that way is through Jesus Christ and His Death on the Cross of Calvary. As a result, the belief system of secular humanists basically causes them to live a life that is contrary to the life demanded by God Himself. As recorded in Matthew 7: 13, secular humanists live a life that carries them down a wide and broad road that leads them to destruction, death, and eternal damnation. Sadly, more people choose the wide and broad road rather than the strait and narrow, whether they are secular humanists or not.

Probably, the two most unreasonable topics of Christendom that have changed the mindset of Americans from accepting Christianity, the strait and narrow road, to accepting secular humanism, the wide and broad road, in the 1960s were the sanctity of life and homosexuality. First, too many Americans have accepted the untimely murder of new born babies as acceptable for convenience sake. As a result, the taking of a human’s life was no longer looked upon by many people as being taboo or a violation of the laws of the land. Therefore, abortion (the senseless murder of new born babies), euthanasia (the ending of the life of a suffering person painlessly), and infanticide (the murder of a human infant) are acceptable by secular humanists. However, Christians abhor all three of these denials of the sanctity of life in a nation founded on Judeo-Christian, Biblically-sound principles. However, since America jumped on the anti-sanctify of life bandwagon, it has joined nations like Rome that crumbled from within because they gave very little importance to life in general. Have you noticed that America has many problems that no man can solve? Could it be because man has attempted to promote himself over God the Creator? Could it be because man has failed to protect the lives of those who are more vulnerable? Regardless of the rationale, the taking of human life out of convenience, even though it is legal by governmental standards, will always create more problems for that person or for that nation. Therefore, secular humanists for the past forty to fifty years have been responsible for the crisis that America is facing today, since they promote abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide.

As already stated, the promotion and acceptance of homosexuality is another secular humanist goal that true Christians detest, since God very clearly offers His condemnation of homosexuality throughout the Holy Bible. But, secular humanists refuse to follow the dictates of the Holy Word. According to Steve Hall, they believe that “sexual gratification is not to be denied as long as it does not hurt anyone.” However, according to Christian standards, sex is a gift from God. Sex can only bring joy to a husband and a wife. Sex outside of marriage leads to disappointment, frustration, deep emotional pain, and demoralizing regrets. This is the reason that homosexuality should be viewed as a perverted sexual alternative that leads to inevitable spiritual and physical death. Therefore, the promotion and acceptance of homosexuality by secular humanists has also been a major reason for God staying His Hand of blessings in the United States. As a result, secular humanists should be held accountable for the current crisis in America’s public and private sectors. God will not bless a nation whose agenda is to turn the once center of Christendom into a pagan nation that promotes sexual gratification outside the bedroom of legally married couples. In fact, have you heard of any natural disasters lately? Will the national debt be paid off this year? How does America’s public education system rank with the other nations in the world? Has America been at war for a decade?

Finally, moral relativism has become a stumbling block between Christianity and secular humanism. Christians believe that, according to the Word of God, some things are right and some things are wrong. Therefore, if God through His Holy Scriptures states that certain things are wrong to do, then these things should not be done. Of course, it would be totally wrong to permit Satan or friends convince a Christian that it is permissible to do. On the other hand, secular humanists do not believe in absolute truths. They believe that an act could be wrong for one person to do, but another person may be able to perform the same act without it bothering his or her conscience. However, situational ethics is extremely dangerous view of the absolutes of God. For example, the Apostle Paul lists several sins that would keep a person out of Heaven. In I Corinthians 6:9-10, it reads,

9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

Obviously, anyone who commits the above mentioned sins will not enter Heaven. But, if you take the secular humanist’s approach of situational ethics, some people could commit these sins without fear of consequences from God, that is, if there was a God. Needless to say, they are totally wrong and will possibly face consequences now, but they will definitely face consequences when they meet their Creator that they deny. God have mercy on their lost soul!

In conclusion, Christianity in the first half of the 20th century was the dominant force that drove America to greatness. However, as a result of the emergence of secular humanism as a dominant force in America in the last half of the 20th century, America’s greatness has become a thing of the past. America is falling apart economically, socially, educationally, and spiritually. Economically, America has become a debtor nation instead of a lender nation. Socially, America has become an immoral nation instead of a moral nation. Educationally, America has become a dumb-down nation instead of an intellectually-sound nation. Spiritually, America has become an idol-worshipping nation instead of a god-fearing nation. Ultimately, America has become a nation that has replaced its Judeo-Christian value system with a paganistic, atheistic, immoral, politically-correct value system. As a result, America’s leaders have decided to do everything within their power to rid America of anything related to Christianity. As a result of their planned anti-Christian agenda, America is looking more and more like the ancient but fallen Roman Empire.

In fact, America has most of the characteristics that preceded the Fall of Rome in A.D. 476. Some of these characteristics are:

1. The erosion of simplicity, discipline, hard work, and patriotism
2. The disintegration of the family system by divorce
3. Many ordinary citizens making less and less money
4. Fierce competition of jobs between citizens and noncitizens
5. Large number of unemployed workers
6. Mostly government-related jobs
7. Government handouts demanded
8. Corrupt politicians
9. Lack of personal initiative and self-respect
10. Taking pleasure in the pain and suffering of others

Therefore, based on these characteristics that preceded the Fall of Rome, it is obvious that America is doomed for destruction and failure unless it turns back to God, accepts Jesus Christ’s plan of salvation, reinstates the Ten Commandments as the model of absolute truths, stops promoting homosexuality as a God-accepted alternative lifestyle, stops legislating and supporting abortion, and stop promoting the evils of secular humanism. Then, and only then, America will finally be able to return to the days of “once upon a time.”

P.S. Many graduates of humanist-influenced public schools in the 20th century are now the politicians of the 21st century. Get the picture!

This article was inspired by an article written by Steve Hall entitled “Christian? Or Secular Humanist?” Steve’s website is http://www.aboundingjoy.com.


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