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What? Gay Bishops?
by Vicki GRECH
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What! Gay Bishops?

Since the election of a gay Bishop to the Anglican Church alarm bells began going off for me as a Christian Writer, or more accurately – “A Spiritual Writer”. I was almost in disbelief to learn that a female homosexual Bishop had been elected to head the Anglican Church. This decision by the Church to allow homosexuality into the Church as its representative raises serious issues of the credibility of their Doctrine and the Establishment itself.

However, when viewing this from another perspective, I could see why God might just turn a blind eye to it and look the other way. This would give us, the people, an opportunity to have a serious look at the behaviour of the Church in our own time. Church representatives are supposed to support God’s Word, adhere to and administer it as it is written in the Christian Bible.

The Christian Bible, (we use the GLO KJV software version), to the best of our knowledge proclaims a statement very clearly and without doubt of God’s viewpoint with regard to homosexuality.

Leviticus 18 gives clear and concise instruction for sexual behaviour among humanity and I doubt, any of God’s Word, either in part or whole would be open for human negotiation over the millennia.

With regard to homosexuality, God’s Word was pretty straight forward and to the point as we see in Leviticus 18:22 - “‘Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable”. Can there really be any mistake of God’s viewpoint and subsequent instruction on this matter? I doubt it, and yet the Anglican Church sees itself fit and qualified to alter, modify and even disobey God’s own Words that were to be taught to all people.

Sadly, this decision by the Anglican Church was the last straw for me where my faith in Church life is concerned. My faith in the Church was absolutely shattered, however; my faith in God remains undying. God teaches us not to “judge”, BUT, He does teach us to know the difference between right and wrong and behave accordingly and to remove ourselves from those who would see us fall into sin. Thus, I removed myself from any association with the Establishment of the Church. It would appear that almost all Church’s have been guilty of abhorrent acts within God’s House.

I for one, being a Metaphysician now for many years engaged in empirical studies can have no doubt any longer that perhaps I had overlooked something along with everyone else. Jesus spoke of those who would appear to us in sheep’s clothing, but underneath was the wolf! It seems apparent that the Church has more wolves in sheep’s clothing than one dare to even imagine!
In some ways, Church’s accepting and electing gay Priests, Clergy, Bishops and the like are in some way doing humanity a favour. Finally, many people will see that the Church Establishment is mostly a false-hood of those who betray and offend God, now publically. Thank God the Church’s doors are now flung wide open for all to see the crafty deception of evil under the guise of Christianity.

Looking back into the Church’s history, prompted by modern-day recent events my inquiring mind was racing with all sorts of issues that once lay dormant. The most profound issues I began to ponder were – male domination, oppression and abuse of women and children, earthly wealth and riches the Church possesses and so on. I had to begin asking myself . . . . . “Oh my God, are these the ones to cloak themselves in dark cloaks as a reflection in our world of what they truly represent underneath – “evil”? Is the Establishment of the Church the anti-Christ itself? If they are, they shall surely bring down themselves without too much help from anyone; they are doing a fantastic job on their own!

Thankfully, the truth of the Church is being revealed without fear, oppression or threat of losing one’s own life. I believe the Church is now on trial, not God. It is important that people do not lose faith in God, His name and the principles of Christianity that have been exploited by the Church. The principles of “Christianity” (not religion) are the basis or foundation of what humanity depends on for peace. Peace with each other, with family, friends and loved ones, with nations etc.
For those of you who might be beginning to lose faith in “Christianity” (not religion), due to the actions of the Church now brought to light, ask yourselves just one question. “Who was responsible for abusing these innocent men, women and children – the principles of God and Christianity, or the human order and Establishment of the Church, little more than a business empire”.

The qualities and principles of Christian (not religious), life have withstood the test of time, even in today’s modern world. Christian life in the home highlights these values as being true. Very few children on the street come from Christian homes where parents undertake and fulfil their parental duties with the tenderness and disciplines of the Christian ethics and foundation.

By allowing gay or homosexuals into the Church to be the representative, instrument and vehicle of Christian Instruction of God’s Word; then may God help us all as Satan sits in God’s house on the alter and delivers mass! I believe it is a worldly disgrace of an indescribable magnitude. If the Church cannot keep God’s Word, then what chance has anyone else? In particular, this Church (Anglican), has highlighted hypocrisy at the highest level and in the process shattered so many people’s faith in living Christian lives. In doing so the Church has robbed them of a great spiritual wealth that is priceless to humanity.

In my later years as a Metaphysician having more time for research and empirical study I have turned my attention away from the Church and to the Christian Bible. Upon careful study, along with engaging the services of a Christian Counsellor my findings were astounding to say the least. I found more contradictions in Church Doctrine than I could believe or even begin to imagine as they unfolded one after another.
As a Christian Metaphysician I intend to do a series of Articles that outline my findings through empirical study.

I will be including in that series the responses I received from a Christian Counsellor, whom I might add is also a Scripture Teacher in our local primary school. Her responses to the issues I raised left me “gob-smacked”! Either I received a contradictory answer and/or no answer at all. Needless to say, I was mortified, disheartened, and stupefied and left after 12 months with a great sigh of relief; I could stomach no more, her answers were lame, pathetic and of no substance when it came to the “nitty-gritty” of Church Doctrine compared with that of the Holy Bible.

It is my hope that through the writing process I will be able to soften the blow the Church has delivered with regard to so many negative issues that shed “darkness” over Christianity. It is my hope that I will be able to right in such a manner as even the most simple-minded person can understand. I believe what people, especially our growing generation of kids need to understand is this – we are gifted with the science of God, as we are as much gifted with the God of science.

The science I refer to is Metaphysics, an area mostly untouched by conventional science as they struggle with the concepts of “God”. Much of the concept of “God” I believe is little more than “human relativity” to our original Creator and the Holy Spirit that breathes life into all things, including ourselves. God is an eternal “Being Of Spirit”, an all powerful and eternal God; our connection to super-charged, superior and supreme energy that “flows” eternally within, through and amongst all life.

In Conclusion – the Church shall be responsible for unfolding itself as evil is revealed under the guise of Christianity that the Church has sought to exploit over the millennia.

The Christian Bible is a book of wonder and instruction. It is also the greatest medical handbook one could ever hope to lay their hands on.

This book also contains the truth about the Church and Church life, sadly however; so many have overlooked the darkness that blinds them to the reality of the Church, its Doctrine and life-style of those by majority who represent it.
My Article does not speak for “all” Church Representatives that truly represent and practice the principle of Christianity and God’s Word. If you can find or know of these wonderful Ministries that do not abuse humanity, nor exploit God’s Word, then you are blessed to know them. However, for so many, this has not been their experience, and for those, the effects have been tragic and long-lasting traumatic events that have almost destroyed their lives. More people everyday are losing faith in Church Life as the shocking and abhorrent truth is revealed of acts that are nothing less than mortifying.

If you want the truth with regard to Christian Life, and many other great things, it is found in the Christian Bible.

The Bible indeed holds the keys to overall unlimited knowledge, powerful and energized secrets revealed for health and well being that sees the human spirit know no bounds. As God said – “with Him all things are possible”; that is to say – that armed with the faith and love of God we can transcend any negative human condition, even physical death.

The Holy Spirit; the “gift” God gave us through His Son, Jesus, or in the east it is more commonly called; “The Breath”. The Holy Spirit, the Breath Of Life (BOLe), that feeds the human soul the “energy” (or spirit) of God, whilst little else is needed for life; a proclamation in the Christian Bible, and one so grossly misunderstood by the multitudes and exploited by Church Doctrine.

On a last note - I am a Christian, therefore I do not "judge" my fellow-man or woman, however; given recent events that now shed light on so much darkness, I can now see and fully appreciate the Bible in its true context and a more accurate manner. I am not discrimminative of any gay or homosexual person either, like so many, I even have one or two in my own family. I love them as much as anyone else, but I do not see it appropriate for Representatives of God's Word that are homosexual to be teaching anyone until they themselves can get it right! Else, furture generations will be taught wrong! May God help them!

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