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Legend of the Yoshisaurus Rex, episode previews and summaries
by Jacob Gibson
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For anyone interested in knowing more about my lengthy fan fiction (and comic book concept) Legend of the Yoshisaurus, but isn't sure if they want to read the whole thing, I have put together a summary of all the episodes I've written so you can see for yourself. The first part of each episode gives a teaser of the story, and the second part has the full plot with all spoilers included. I'll let you choose how much of it you want to know so you can decide if you want to read some of it. Although the story is currently unfinished and only goes until chapter 13, I do have an ending in mind and wrote an overview of what happens. However, I don't think I'll reveal the plots of the last episodes for paranoia of someone stealing my ideas, and I don't plan to finish writing the story unless someone actually wants to publish the story (which is highly unlikely due to copyright reasons). Sorry if that disappoints you.

If you have any comments on anything or ideas of new plot ideas I would be glad to know! :)


On a peaceful island in another dimension called Mushroom World, there lives a community of many colorful, friendly dinosaurs called yoshies. Their world is a very beautiful and peaceful one, and they would have little trouble if not for a tyrannical turtle king and his growing army who dwell on another land not too far from them. He has attacked every land and captured new soldiers as he searches for something important and it seems like Yoshi's Island is the last place to look.

*Episodes 1-3 (or 1) “Make Dreams, Lose Dreams”

TEASER: 17-year old Yoshi Zorus is an average dinosuar of the island who simply wants to do well in soccer and enjoy time with his friends, family, and girlfriend, Victoshia. However, his life suddenly takes a drastic change when he wakes up one morning to find himself several times larger and more fierce than ever. No one appears to understand how this happened and Yoshi feels as though his life is over. He may not have time to mope around though when the island is invaded by deadly machines.

PLOT (with spoilers): The first episode begins with a nightmare about a yoshi getting kidnapped as a surprise beginning and then goes back to the man who is having the dream inside King Koopa's dungeon. The man and his friend are to be held there until someone confesses the location of something they want, and the other man finally tells them it is on Yoshi’s Island. (Koopa’s castle is on another landmass a good distance from Yoshi’s Island) On the island, the hero Yoshi Z. and his friends are playing a championship soccer game against some other creatures, and he is determined to win. He has the last move to win the game but a sudden, unusual pain across his body causes him to miss and they lose the game. Devastated, Yoshi can’t sleep and returns to the ball field to talk to the “yoshi gods” (not real) about why he didn’t win after promising to be live differently if they did win.

The next morning Yoshi wakes up and discovers that he has grown much larger and has the features of a T-rex (but still looks somewhat cute). Everyone is shocked to see this, especially Yoshi. After being examined by a doctor, he gets up and gives some younger dinos a ride which makes him feel a little better. Then his parents take him to a secluded area and tell him a secret about his past. His current father is not his real father, and his real father died. His real father was kidnapped by a machine, something happened to him, and he eventually escaped and returned to the island as a humongous dinosaur just like him. (But he could somehow change back to normal size too) Yoshi lies down on the beach shore, thinking and feeling sorry for himself, when someone alerts him that strange things are roaming the island. Digging machines like big turtles with treads and several arms move around the island and search for the thing that King Koopa wants. The other yoshies are unable to beat it with their eggs but Yoshi smashes them easily. He feels much better for awhile.

*Episodes 4-5 (or 2) “Sorry, Yoshi, But the Tribe has Spoken”

TEASER: Our hero begins to learn how to adjust to his new life and enjoy the opportunities of his new size. A yoshi named Jikondo also offers to teach him to fight enemies and defend himself. Unfortunately he may not be able to stay on the island much longer when many of the inhabitants worry that he's a threat to their safety. Will Yoshi have to leave the island forever, and what will they do when a new danger shows up that's greater than the last?

PLOT: At the end of the previous day, Yoshi gets ready to sleep on the beach and thinks back about what happened yesterday, including a scene we didn’t see where an older Yoshi (named Jikondo?) offers to train him for more battles that could arise. The next day many creatures begin to worry that Yoshi’s large size could be a problem and they talk with the mayor about casting a vote for him to leave the island. His parents defend him and do everything they can to keep this from happening, but it seems hopeless. At night, King Koopa sends a robot named Reznorbot to attack Yoshi (it has the four heads of the fire-breathing Reznors from Super Mario World) and he defeats it with some help. Everyone decides to let him stay.

*Episode 6 “Dance to the Beating”

TEASER: Just when you think the story can't possibly get any stranger, the author is tied up, locked in a closet, and chapter 6 is written by a juvenile nutcase. King Koopa takes a new approach to attacking Yoshi by ordering a large dancing robot that's got more kick than an agry mule and more moves than Michael Jackson and John Travolta combined. Can he defeat it and save the inhabitants of the island from eternal dance fever, or will everyone lose their freedom and sanity?

PLOT: This is supposed to be a funny episode to fill up space and take a breather from the melancholy. King Koopa buys a giant robot called Dan Dan Rexolution to hypnotize everyone into dancing forever and then it goes after Yoshi. The two face off in the ultimate fighting/dancing duel with amazing music and background to boot! Many dumb things happen that don’t usually happen, such as Yoshi having an obsession with bananas, and people saying and doing things they usually don’t do. There's even be a fake telethon interruption where someone tries to sell LotY merchandise that doesn’t exist.

*Episodes 7-8 (or 4) “A Time to Dance, A Time to Mourn”

TEASER; Everyone is looking forward to the annual festival on the island with it's delicious food, a dance performance, and dancing. Yoshi is eager to come and watch his girlfriend dance in the show and talk with her. But after the show he begins begins to worry when she acts strangely around him and then another girl shows interest in him.

PLOT: An annual festival takes place which includes a great dinner with fruit, sea food, and cookies, plus a dancing performance, and then free-for-all dancing with tropical music. Yoshi tries to talk to his girlfriend after her performance but she makes an excuse that she needs to go home in order to avoid him. An outgoing girl with blueberry-colored skin (Koshi?) offers to dance with him and he eventually accepts. (She dances with him by standing on his nose and moving the same as he does) Suddenly Yoshi feels guilty and decides to go home, now feeling very confused.

TEASER: The next day a large hurricane approaches the island and everyone prepares for it. If this wasn't bad enough, one of Yoshi's friends, Boshi, disappears without a trace and later someone tells Yoshi something that he never wanted to hear. He has no idea how much this is soon going to affect him.... and everyone else.

PLOT: The next day, everyone prepares for a hurricane that is about to hit the island. Meanwhile, Koopa is in his castle, thinking about his next plan while playing with modeling clay. Suddenly, he does something with the clay that gives him a great plan of attack that will take much work. Back on the island, the hurricane arrives and leaves, destroying many homes but thankfully killing no one. However, one of Yoshi’s friends, Boshi (a name from Super Mario RPG) is no where to be found and his parents worry that he died in the storm.

Things get worse when Yoshi rests on the shore after searching for his friend and then his girlfriend confesses to him that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Yoshi is heartbroken and dives into the sea so no one will see him cry. His sister with yellow skin, Angel, talks to him and tries to reassure him that he deserves better than that and is very sorry. Before Yoshi falls asleep, he struggles to listen between his sister’s words of encouragement and a dark voice in his head mocking him and telling him to kill everyone. He closes his eyes and the episode ends.


TEASER: The day after the hurricane, all is peaceful again... for awhile. Suddenly and without warning a terrifying giant monster arrives on the island and ruthlessly tries to eat everyone. And this time not even Yoshi can do anything to stop it. Personally one of my favorite episodes.

PLOT: A quite scary episode. Yoshi wakes up the next morning and everyone notices that he is acting very strange. Wandering around slowing, not paying attention to anyone, eating a lot of fruit and spitting it out in disgust. The blue yoshi, Koshi, talks to Yoshi and he stares at her with drool coming from his mouth, which shocks her. Suddenly the unthinkable happens and Yoshi completely snaps and chases everyone trying to eat them (but he never does). While many of the dinos hide in a cave, Angel yells at Yoshi’s girlfriend for causing this to happen. After awhile, Yoshi chases several people, including his parents and his trainer, across many platforms floating and moving over a giant bottomless pit (from Yoshi’s Island game). Some throw their eggs at Yoshi to try to knock him into the pit but Jikondo wants everyone to make it. They barely escape from him and end up getting thrown back to land, while Yoshi crashes into the trees and is knocked out.

*Episode 10 “Cure for the common Controversy”

TEASER: In the battle with the vicious monster Yoshi is wounded, knocked unconscious, and in need of serious help. The problem is none of their doctors know what to do and those who may have the answer are considered dangerous and untrustworthy. Time is running out and a risky decision must be made. New secrets are soon revealed.

PLOT: Yoshi Z. is tied up while unconscious and then inspected by doctors, and he hears the same voice again mocking him for what he’s done. People argue about what to do now. Some say that they should finish him off while they have the chance so he can’t cause any more harm. Yoshi’s girlfriend hears this and says tearfully it’s all her fault, and Angel apologizes for accusing her and tries to reassure her. The doctors admit that they don’t know what’s wrong with Yoshi or where to start looking. Yoshi’s friend, the brown-skinned Yoseph, says that maybe the humans know what to do, but many object to this and don’t trust them. (There is a story among them about a Yoshi that was kidnapped a long time ago by a large machine and that he later returned and said that it was a human that got him. They don’t know it was Yoshi’s father, however, and don’t know what became of him.)

One yoshi speaks up, a white female (Libby?), who says that she actually spent a lot of time with a human long ago (the king’s wife), who was kind to her and taught the yoshi her language. (She also says that she never saw the human again after she went looking for a way back home underground) After more discussion most of the people there decide to give them a chance and let them come to the island to help Yoshi. The mayor selects some yoshies to go to the Mushroom Kingdom by boat, find some human doctors, and bring them back. This could be a good time to make an extra episode.

*Episodes 11-12 (or 7) “Wise Advice from Dr. Know-it-all”

TEASER: A decision has been reached and the human doctors have been brought to the island. One of Yoshi's good friends, Yoseph, has a conversation with an eccentric doctor and learns many incredible things. (Such as how the humans ended up in Mushroom World) But hope starts to fade when the new doctors don't know how to help Yoshi either.

PLOT: A revealing episode. Some human doctors (and a mushroom person named Dr. Wunnup) come to Yoshi and are shocked at his size, since no one told them how big he was. They set up their camp around Yoshi and begin working on him to try to figure out how to make him calm again, while Libby interprets for everyone (the yoshies have a different language). When scientist E. Gadd sits down to take a break from watching, Yoseph asks Libby to interpret for him so he can talk to him. She says she’s too busy, but another person knows the yoshi language and he can take over for her so Libby translates. Yoseph and Gadd have a long conversation about many things, including what earth is like, dinosaurs that were on earth, how everyone came here, how warp pipes work, and information about the Toadstool family.

TEASER: The next day, Yoseph continues his conversation with the doctor, along with one of Yoshi's sisters, Lily, and they learn more incredible information. Lily knows something that may help save her brother's life but no one is allowed to speak of it. Will she risk scaring away the doctors and tell the truth, or is there another way?

PLOT: The next morning, Yoseph is excited to talk to E. Gadd, and he wakes up early and walks around. He finds yoshi guards around Yoshi, and also Yoshi’s sister, Lily. They sit together and she talks to him about not knowing what to do about telling the humans some important information that her parents don’t want her to share. When E. Gadd and Libby are awake, Yoseph and Lily talk with E. Gadd again and walk around the island. (Meanwhile the doctors continue to inspect Yoshi but still don’t know what to do) They discuss a mansion that E. Gadd once found but disappeared with some of his friends still inside, Yoseph asks how he can find his purpose in life, Libby says she will teach Yoseph and Lily English some day, and Lily eventually tells him the secret of Yoshi and their real father which helps E. Gadd know how to help Yoshi.

The four run back to Yoshi (Yoseph also gives Gadd a ride on his back; one of the first times a yoshi has done so) and they explain everything to the doctors. They realize that there’s a problem with Yoshi’s brain and will need to perform brain surgery. The surgery is a success, and Yoshi is back to normal and very sorry for what he did. The humans decided to stay a little longer and bring a special item (a music box) to put Yoshi to sleep in case he ever goes crazy again.

*Episode 13 “Of Angel and Demons" (or else "Super Pipe Panic!")

TEASER: Angel, one of Yoshi's sisters, receives the same shock as her brother when she too wakes up one morning with a mutated body. Her sitatuion is embarrassing but infinitesimal compared to King Koopa's perfect ambush with his most fearsome creatures yet. Unless something can be done, everyone must evacuate immediately and finally surrender the island or die trying.

PLOT: Angel, one of Yoshi’s siblings and daughter of Yoshi’s real father, mutates into part pterodactyl and has wings, glow-in-the-dark skin, and a diamond-tipped tail. (Two of Yoshi’s other siblings also mutate later, Lily as a swimming creature and Turbo as a running creature like a velociraptor) At first she is embarrassed about this and refuses to leave her house or even her bed. Eventually she tells her brother and he tries to encourage her and show him if she can fly. Later, Koopa reveals to us his grand scheme that he has worked on so long. A giant pipe comes from his land, through the ocean, and hits Yoshi’s Island. It drills into the island and makes several other smaller pipes pop up around the island. (Until this time there may be no other pipes on the island. This explains why there are so many pipes on the island) Enemies cross from the castle through the pipe and ambush them and a giant, multi-headed piranha plant also emerges from a larger pipe. The inhabitants immediately begin to evacuate the island including the Zorus family, except for Yoshi, but before Angel leaves she reveals her change to a boy she likes along with her feelings for him. With the help of her new ability and some poison made by E. Gadd, Angels defeats the monster and rescues Yoshi and his friends from turning into fertilizer.


*Episode ?? "Hatching The Eggs of Revenge" (extra episode idea)

TEASER: After a certain incident earlier in the story, Yoshi may have the forgiveness of most of the island dwellers, but a small gang of mask-wearing, spear-wielding yoshies holds no trust for the repentant dino. They form a plan to kill him by kidnapping one of his youngest siblings and taking him/her to a mortally dangerous place as a trap. The Zorus family pursues them and tells Yoshi to not come along, but of course he does anyway. Can he survive another deadly chase?

PLOT: Although Yoshi has regained most of the island's trust, there is a still a small group of yoshies and other creatures that hold distrust and anger in their hearts. The gang makes a plan to kill Yoshi and one night they kidnap one of Yoshi's young siblings and get him to chase them across another dangerous place (maybe a lava field), where the second half of the gang ambushes him. This time, Angel, Turbo, Jikondo and others come to the fight and do their best to protect Yoshi and rescue his sister. In the end, the leader of the gang may or may not also dies (not sure), if the others are unable to rescue him in time. This episode also allows more room for relationship drama.

*Episode 14-15 (or 9) “The Cave of the Mystery Days”

*Episode 16 “It’s All in your Subcon, Yoshi”

*Episode 17 “Koopa’s Grandiose Tour”

*Episode 18 “War of the Warp Zone”

*Episode 19 “Last Breath of Fire (or Koopa’s Last Stand or One Will Fall)”

*Episode 20 (or 14) “The Legend Ends... But Still Lives On”

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