Highest Rankings (top 15) - Wk 1 TV

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Highest Rankings (top 15) - Wk 1 TV

Post by Deb Porter » Thu Oct 18, 2018 3:25 pm


Total number of entries: 33

1 When Hope Found Hannah by Lucy Steel
2 My TV by Verna Cole Mitchell
3 My Electric Lighthouse by Dianne Janak
4 Super Serious Drama Time by Donna Powers
5 A Black Screen by C D Swanson
6 Big-Screen Burdens - and the Allegory of the Cave by Noel Mitaxa
7 The Workout by Jack Taylor
8 Agreement by Rachel Rudd
9 Fixed by Sarah Fehr
10 Why would you? by Karen Vlantis
11 Move Over, Joyce Kilmer by Mariane Holbrook
12 The Year We Saw Color by Francy Judge
13 Hungry For What? by Linda Lawrence
14 Expanding Horizons by Bonnie Kronberger
15 With a click of the Remote by Trudy Newell
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