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Hello! I'm new here!

Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 2:35 pm
by James
Hello everyone! I have just discovered this forum while looking for daily devotionals.

Hoping some of you can direct me to some of your favorite corners of this forum, being a member of some forums for almost two decades I understand that there are some very special places on each forum!

Some facts about me:
  • Born in Michigan, but moved to South Carolina a few years ago.
  • Self employed project manager and dietary supplement and natural foods consultant (I help great companies sell more products).
  • I write about my faith and share wisdom I've learned from all the content I digest on my blog (not sure if its okay to share a link or not on here, so someone please tell me in the response below and I will edit!)
  • Currently engaged, wedding is in a few months! (less than 100 days!)
  • I love to cook wonderful foods and get most my ingredients directly from local farmers. I only eat in season fruit and vegetables (except for avocados and bananas, I eat them year round ;) ) and I have visited all the farms my meat comes from and know the farmers.
  • Most would say I am a contrarian and that I strive to be original in all my endeavors. I have a silly and sarcastic sense of humor and love to meet new people.
  • I have many hobbies including reading, writing, spending time outdoors, playing tennis, chess, gardening, piano, and much much more. I love to learn and I'm constantly trying to learn something new!
Please say hello!


Re: Hello! I'm new here!

Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 3:37 pm
by Shann
Hi James, welcome to FW! I've been a member for 10 years now and have met so many wonderful people. One of the biggest draws to FW is the weekly writing challenge. If you are a silver member (free) you can enter 4 times for free. If you upgrade your membership, you can enter every week. If you upgrade to platinum, you can receive feedback on your article twice a quarter, provided you didn't place in the top ten. The challenge starts on Thursday and goes to the following Thursday. This week's topic is mission. Here is a link that tells you a bit more about this week's topic: ... 22&t=42535
This one tells you about the rules and other discussions related to the Challenge: ... m.php?f=54

You can also find some great articles under general admissions and of course you can enter your own writings too. Here is info about that:

Here are some posts about the perks you receive if you upgrade to a paid membership : ... .php?f=115

Another great perk for paid members is the Critique Circle. I like it because it encourages people to leave feedback on other pieces to receive a critique on a piece you may want feedback on. This page will tell you where you can find many things on FW, including a daily devotion (which are written by members and is another way you could share your writing with others).

We have a couple of fun games going on in the water cooler right now too. ... =4&t=41493 ... =4&t=41815

The open forum is a good place to ask questions based on writing or publishing in general. ... um.php?f=1

Generally, we prefer members not leave links to blogs until they are established here in order to prevent people from leaving spam. Sometimes people will leave a link in their signatures. If you look at mine, you'll see I have a space called Shann's profile. If you click on it, you can see a list of all of my FW stories. Some people will include links to their blogs (writing blogs, any advertising or spam) will be deleted.

Here's a link to the FAQ on FW: ... m.php?f=35

This tells you about signatures: ... =35&t=3768

I'm so excited you found us and I look forward to reading some of your work. We have members from all over the world. I bet this time of year, especially since the midweat has been hit with storms), you're appreciating the warmer weather in SC! I live in upstate NY (south of Rochester NY) and I'm looking forward to spring. Congratulations on your wedding. My son was married a couple of years ago (they had reception in basketball building at Duke University because they met there. I'm not big on college basketball, but was told by many guests they thought the venue was awesome!) and my older daughter was married 7 years ago and has two beautiful girls. I love being a grandma. My youngest is a first-grade teacher.

A great way to meet people here is to read their writings and leave a comment. Things have been a bit slower here lately, but we are always thrilled to have new members. I'll do my patented Happy Dance as a welcome! :welcome :party :party :party :party :party :welcome

Re: Hello! I'm NOT new here!

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 3:39 pm
by dub
Tired of the bull in the rest of the virtual world, as a Christian writer - I needed to get back to my roots.

Re: Hello! I'm new here!

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 2:21 pm
by Shann
Happy to see you pop back in Dub!